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My enormous doll house

One would think that with a doll house that is six feet long and three feet tall, that would be big enough. But I am always looking for ways to expand it. I have twelve rooms, a shop, a play yard, garden and pool. There is also a small pool house and a lap pool, as my boyfriend is a swimmer and I like to include him and his interests where I can.

I have used my dining room buffet cabinet as a base so my doll house takes up one entire wall of the dining room.

All of the rooms are basic size and the problem is the depth. Most dollhouse rooms are only about ten inches deep. With a 1/12 scale, that means you are dealing with a room that is 10 x 12. I have wracked my brain as to what to do about this and I thought outside the box and the lightbulb came on.

What it I made the floor bigger? If I put a new floor in each room and made it extend two inches past the edge of the doll house, that would be like adding two feet to a room. How to do this?

I needed something thin but strong that I could glue to the existing floor. I know, a book cover. I looked through my library and found two large books with sturdy covers. One was black and the other brown. I took a box cutter/utility knife and cut down the spline so I had two ‘floors’ from each book. I chose books that were about two inches longer than my existing floor. In some cases I had to cut the width to fit.

The playroom, den and shop each got a two inch extension, as you can see in the photo. The living room got a five inch extension (like five feet) and that became a terrace. That addition was large enough to hold a dining table and some plants.

Once you have your floors in place, simply carpet them and this will hide any flaws. Make sure the carpet is thin so it will be in scale. I have used place mats, tapestry fabric and cut up sweaters. My terrace extension was such a good material that I left it raw. For that room I cut off the back of a large photo album because it looked like marble.

With all my many readers, I wonder if any of you have a doll house? If you do, please send me a comment and your email so we can share ideas. Even if you don’t have a dollhouse, this same principal would apply if you wanted to make a shelf deeper.

Lets say you have a book case with ten inch deep shelves. Maybe you would like to have the lowest shelf twelve inches deep to accomodate wider books. For this you would probably have to use wood, but you might be able to cut up a large cardboard box. Just be sure the smooth edge is facing out. You can wrap this in wallpaper or cover in contact paper. Most of it won’t show anyway, as you will have heavy books on it.

Of course you could use wood, but that means a saw and a trip to the lumber yard. I always try to do with what I have on hand. My father always taught me to look for space where there was none. Once, in our unfinished garage, he put shelves between all the studs and now there were ledges to put all the stuff that is all over the place like cans of paint and jars of nails etc.

Again, I don’t know if this is something any of you readers would ever do. Someone asked me why I get so involved in my doll house. First of all it is a creative hobby that costs very little and is ever so rewarding. If you have wanted to have something in your real house, but it is impossible or not in the cards, you can have it in your doll house.

For example: I live in a condo in Hawaii. The thing I miss most is having a fireplace. So in my doll house I have three different ones. And since it is Christmas time, they each have little stockings hung on the mantle. There.

If you look at the photo slideshow below with a magnifying glass, you will notice details like the Tiffany gift bag under the Christmas tree and the aquarium on the counter. And of course the dollhouse within a dollhouse in the playroom.

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Note Santa climbing down chimney with pack on his back (on roof in upper right corner)