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My New Purse

I am a Purseaholic. Is that a word? I have so many purses. I like them to ‘go’ with what I am wearing, so I switch around a lot.

I know lots of women wear the same purse with everything. Years ago, I wore a Louis Vuitton satchel handbag 100% of the time. It was the classic brown on brown monogram pattern.  It went with nothing, but it was all the rage.

I am going on a trip in a couple of weeks, and have had my eye out for a good travel purse. I like one that is large, but not too large. And it must be very light when it is empty.

I like hidden compartments for money and jewelry, but not so many zippers that you can’t find anything without going through several zips. It is nice to have an outside pocket for your cell phone so you don’t have to open your purse to get to that.

While walking through the mall the other day, a purse caught my eye in Aldo’s. I had no idea that this company is all over the world. They have stores in Moscow, Dublin, Istanbul, Dubai, Santiago, Copenhagen, London and Kuala Lumpur just to mention a few. They have three different shops in the Ala Moana shopping center alone.

Funny, their shopping bag lists all the cities where they are located, but Honolulu isn’t on the list. I wonder what other cities are missing.

Their main store carries high end shoes and bags, another is just accessories and the one I shop in, which is their ‘outlet’ store. They have their own line, but they copy trends so they are very up to the minute stylish.

Their merchandise includes mens and women’s shoes, boots, handbags and accessories. Their salespeople are young, hip and ever so nice. The guy who waited on me looked to be about nineteen, oriental but with a blonde mohawk hairstyle and a long scarf draped around his neck. (I think he was gay).

This purse is an adaptation of the Hermes Birkin bag. It is not a knock-off or a copy, just similar. And it is not real leather, but looks it.

The Birkin bag is the latest status symbol and a must have for extremely wealthy women. Depending on the material the prices range from $10K to $60K per handbag. Yes, you read that right. $60,000 if you want your Birkin in amesthyst crocodile.

Amazingly, there is actually a waiting list for these handbags. So if you want one, get down to your nearest Hermes store and put your name on the list.

The one you see in the photo above I got at Aldo’s for $50. They had five in stock I don’t know where they have their products made, but I would guess India, as the workmanship is excellent, but their prices are very reasonable.

The color is actually quite neutral. It will look good with black, grey or jeans. It has great straps, fits over my shoulder and hugs my body. The idea is to take just one handbag on a trip. I will pack a few small evening clutches and bags for variety.

TSA security is such a pain, it is important to have a handbag you can safely put your stuff in before you set it on the conveyer belt. Somehow I can’t see throwing a $60,000 handbag on the rubber conveyer belt.

Probably, if you can afford a handbag like that, you have your own Lear jet and can avoid the TSA checkpoints entirely.