$24 worth of socks for $12

Have you ever been to a Macy’s One Day Sale? I can see all you lady readers nodding yes. I can also see all you men readers scoffing at this.

I really think One Day Sale is a misnomer as they have them all the time.

Usually I don’t even bother going, but being as it is only two weeks till Christmas, and Macy’s is across the street from where I live, I thought I would check it out.

Every day for the past few days there have been newspaper ads proclaiming the wonderfulness of this event.There was even a $10 coupon good on any sale or clearance items totalling $25, (if you shopped before one pm).

I carefully cut out three $10 coupons, in case I wanted to shop in three different departments. On the off chance that I wished to buy something, I was well armed.

Since I live across the street from Macy’s and can see their sign in my living room window, it doesn’t take me too long to get there. So off I went at eleven, thinking that would be plenty of time to shop before one.

I remember my mother saying to always wear nice underwear in case you have to go to the hospital. As I am going on a trip three weeks from today, (Las Vegas for New Years) first stop: The Lingerie Department, just in case.

I bought some new underwear, (perfect in or out of the hospital). Everything was half price and totaled $29 but with my coupon, it came to $19. My sales slip said I ‘saved’ $31.

I was lucky, got a nice salesperson to help me find what I wanted and didn’t have to wait in line to check out.

Then to the 50% off gift department. It was actually cheaper to buy three things totaling $33 than two things totaling $24. The total came to $33 and with the coupon, only $23. Another savings of about $43.

But not so lucky with the checkout this time. The girl at the register was very slow and seemed to be enjoying her work so much, she took her sweet time with every little key of the cash register. There were four women ahead of me, and it took nearly half an hour to check out.

Since I am flying and have to go through security and take off my shoes, I always like to wear nice socks. Plus I wear boots when I travel and it will be winter. Whenever I look for socks in my drawer they don’t match, or I can only find one of each pair. (Easier to just start over).

I did once read that if you get all your socks the same, then no matter what, you will always have a matching pair. But I would never do that. It would just be too boring.

So I selected five pairs of socks marked down to $3 each. Burgundy, teal and purple, plus some black/grey argyles. Then I realized if I spent another $10 dollars, and used my last coupon, it would be the same price as if I had just gotten the socks.

So back to the discount table, and then I noticed the “additional” 30% off sign on the costume jewelry. I was going to have to buy two things totaling about $18 to make it come out right. Otherwise the total wouldn’t have been $25. Lucky I was a whiz at math.

I selected a great silver and ‘amythest necklace originally $22, now $11 less 30%, (actually goes with several of my Vegas outfits) and a good pair of panty hose, originally $15, now $7.50.  After using the coupon, the total of this transaction was $18, a savings of $40.

I can do all this in my head. (Backwards and forwards). I was a commissioned saleswoman for twenty five years and if there is one thing I am good at, it is figuring out percentages and discounts.

This checkout was medium slow. I noticed that while I was in line it became one pm and I asked if I could still use the $10 off coupon. “Yes, indeed, we will honor that for at least another thirty minutes as the store is so crowded.”

Bottom line: I had fun, got some things I really needed, spent about sixty five dollars and saved well over $100. Yet I purchased $200 worth of goodies, did two hours of power shopping and got my exercise in for the day.