I am so excited. I got my first international comment on my blog. Thank you Michael G. from Melbourne, Australia. Michael is a teacher of 4th grade and he too has a blog   http://passionateteaching.wordpress.com/

Michael’s comment was a question as to whether there was a substitute for bread. I remember years ago when the Atkins diet was all the rage. I think it was also called the Drinking Man’s Diet. You could eat all the protein and fats you wanted, just no carbs.

That means no fruit, bread, cake, pie, crackers potatoes or pasta. Dr. Atkins (who is dead, due to the fact that he slipped on street ice, hit his head and died), had a very interesting substitute for bread: deep fried pork rinds.

As I recall you could eat them like toast with an egg, or crush them up for coating so you could fry chicken or fish. To do this you dipped a piece of fish or chicken in some beaten egg and then rolled in pork rind crumbs. Fry as usual in a little oil.

Another great Atkins recipe was his ‘cheesecake’. I’ll have to look this up on the internet, but I think it was done with ricotta cheese, eggs, lemon juice,vanilla and Splenda. We used Equal in those days, as Splenda wasn’t around yet. I can’t remember what the crust was made of. I’m just sure it wasn’t pork rinds.

I looked up Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution on the internet just now and I remembered that the crust was made out of ground up walnuts. In his new version he mixes a cup of ground up pine nuts with a slice of ground up low carb multigrain bread, adds some butter and Splenda and voila, Cheesecake crust.

His new cheesecake recipe contains a pound of cream cheese and a cup of sour cream. Each serving has 53 fat grams and 555 calories. I think I’ll skip that one. (But he has a whole slew of great sounding no carb desserts.)

I read where the woman who decided to cook Julia Childs whole cookbook page by page over a year, wrote a blog about it. Poor thing didn’t get one single comment for six months.

I am lucky. My boyfriend has written a comment every single day since Day One. And my friend Diane very rarely misses a single day.

It is hard to keep thinking of things to write about. But every day brings something new, it seems and I can always write about that.

The diet is going ok. I was getting a little bored with the sameness of it all. This morning I made something delicious. Sort of a spinach/egg/cheese quiche.

Here is how: Beat two eggs, add about a cup of cooked  and squeezed spinach and a piece of cheese grated. Stir all together. Add some onion powder and nutmeg for flavor. Divide into six lined muffin cups in a muffin pan. Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes. Each three will contain one egg and half cup of spinach and a little cheese. A perfect breakfast.

The other three I will probably save till tomorrow, unless I break down and have them for lunch. Or maybe I’ll poach a piece of fish, wrap it in a lettuce leaf for crunch, and accompany this with a spinach/muffin.

Speaking of bread substitutes, a large iceberg lettuce leaf spread with peanut butter and folded over, makes a pretty good non bread sandwich. Although I don’t think peanut butter is ‘allowed’ on any diet.

Now if I could just figure out how to make a good low calorie substitute for chocholate cake, apple pie and a hot fudge sundae, I could make a million dollars selling the Sandy diet.

Actually there is a website called Hungry Girl, who makes food swaps that aren’t bad. I have a couple of her cookbooks. Most of her recipes are pretty simple. She even has a 1,2,3 cookbook with only three ingredients in each recipe.

Hungry Girl does a lot with canned pumpkin and butternut squash, two of my least favorite things. The most disgusting recipe was for pumpkin enchiladas. She claims they are delicious and nobody would know. Ha ha.

So again, thank you Michael for ‘making my day’. One good turn deserves another. If each of you readers would please send a link to my blog to just one other person, my readership would double overnight.