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The Tree, The Climbing Santa and a Minature Display

Each year my sister orders our Christmas tree from Habilitat. The best part is that they deliver and set it up. Then when the holidays are over, they come back and take it away.

Yesterday was delivery day. I had prepared for this by clearing space for the tree and taking out the stand and all the decorations. There were boxes of lights, ornaments, santas, garlands and a village.

When the two men who brought the tree finally got it perfectly straight, it was my turn to get busy. (Actually in the photo it appears to have a little tilt to the right) The good news is that is the side that doesn’t show when you walk into the room.

First the lights. Oh, my. That is the hardest job. After putting up about 600 lights, my sister felt that the tree needed more lights, so she went out and bought eight more boxes of lights, 100 bulbs in each. So after putting up 1400 lights and doing all the connections to one another, and the surge protector, I was tired.

Time for a nap. Then up again to start putting on the garland. We have a jillion ornaments and mostly the tree is done in red and burgundy. But my favorite ornament is a MacKenzie Childs black and white checked stocking. Actually I think it is a knock off, as somehow I can’t see myself spending $100 for a glass Christmas tree ornament.

Luckily I had done my Christmas miniature Santa shelf last week. I have about fifty miniature Santas and it is fun to display them all together.

The Santa climbing up the ladder is really darling. I found him at Costco about five years ago. He was $15 and I only wish I had bought a couple of more. I have never seen another one anywhere. He actually climbs up and down the ladder, while Christmas carols play in his sleigh.

I made a boo boo. In rereading my blog, I hit publish instead of save and so today Dear Readers, you are getting two posts. Two for the price of one. I really wasn’t finished telling this whole story, but it will have to do for now.