A pareo for my granddaughter and one for her American Girl doll

It’s been a long time since I made doll clothes. I used to sew them for my daughters’s Barbies back in the sixties. There were patterns to cut out and it was very complicated with little zippers. Velcro had not been invented yet.

The hardest outfit was a Barbie bridal gown. I remember buying the satin and lace and the tiny buttons. I think it took me a week to sew and probably cost $20 back in 1965.

This time it was easy. Living in Hawaii, I have a nice collection of pareos, two yards of fabric to wrap and tie. So I decided to cut up one and make half for Cami and another one for her American Girl doll. The idea is to have matching outfits for the child and her doll. Cami is coming to Hawaii for Thanksgiving this year and I’m sure she will bring her American Girl doll with her.

The dolls are $100, the clothes are mostly around $30-$50 and of course you have to get the matching outfit for the owner of the doll.

These matching pareos cost zero. Unless you count the original pareo which I probably wore for at least five years. I doubt if it cost more than $10 max. And of course the sewing machine for the edges.

After making these, I realized I had a piece of fabric left over, so I made a pareo for Barbie as well.

While searching for things in my drawers, I found an old pair of black leather gloves that were too small. Two fingers cut off made great black leather boots for Barbie. If you are a purist and must have high heel boots, you can glue a little heel on the bottome. Use a pencil eraser painted black with black nail polish.

If you are feeling creative, look in your dresser drawers and your broken costume jewelry drawer and you will be amazed at what you can recycle.

Barbie’s pareo