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Two for the price of one

Thanksgiving Day and the huge newspaper came this morning. All the Black Friday specials were being touted. I looked through all the flyers and found my favorite kind of sale. Buy one, get one free. (I also like gift with purchase).

The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. Every year it gets earlier and ealier. Macy’s is opening at four am, most stores open at five am. Toys are Us is opening at 10 pm on Thanksgiving Day and of course Walmart is open 24/7.

I feel so sorry for the salespeople who have to work those ridiculous hours and still be cheerful and efficient. Of course, not all salespeople are cheerful or efficient. There are one or two stores that have very well trained sales help. Sephora comes to mind. Other than that it is hit and miss.

A few stores had Thanksgiving specials and I took advantage of the sale at Walgreens. They had a few of their As Seen on TV items on a ‘buy one, get one free’. They had something I thought was so cute. Silicone cake pans that are in the shape of a giant cupcake and a giant donut. $21.99 each, but today only, two for $21.99.

How could I resist? They will be fun to have for a special holiday or birthday party. Speaking of parties, it was fun to have the whole family together for Thanksgiving.

My dinner last night was a success. Everything was delicious and the best part is the fact that my daughter cleaned up the kitchen. I had planned to spend the whole day today doing just that, but instead I was able to put away the Thanksgiving decor and work on setting up Christmas decorations. (No rest for the weary).

Luckily we don’t celebrate Chaunaka, as that is next week and it would be hard to fit that in, as the Christmas tree is arriving the day before Chaunaka begins.

Yes, I know the title of this blog is Money Saving Secrets of a Hawaiian Jewish Princess, but growing up in Hawaii with very non religious parents, in an almost 100% Christian community, going to a Christian school, and not even knowing I was Jewish till I was about twelve years old meant we never celebrated any Jewish holidays.

My daughter and son in law honor all the Jewish holidays. They are both active in their community and include their Jewish and non Jewish friends in their festivities. I am really happy that my grandchildren are growing up in a home where the Jewish holidays are celebrated, as well as Christmas and Easter with their friends.

Plus they go to a great public school. There are classrooms for the regular grades one through six and there is a special section for children with severe disabilities such as cerebral palsy. These classrooms are equipped with special computers and equipment for their needs.

Every Friday, which is art and music day, the special education children attend classes they would normally be in with their age group. The children learn to get along and accept each other despite their differences.They become friends and learn understanding and compassion as part of their daily lives.

I think this is a remarkable program and only wish all children had an opportunity to experience something like this.