Free shipping and a coupon code too

Did you know that when you are planning to order something online from a catalog, first look up the coupon code for that company.

For example, I wanted to order something from the Time for Me catalog. So I checked google search for Time for Me coupon codes.

There was a $5 off code AAMQUOZ. As I was ordering a Spanx bra for $36,  by simply entering the code it came to $31. Plus there was free shipping for anything from this catalog. This alone is a big savings in Hawaii. (And no tax).

It wasn’t as though I don’t have a lot of bras. But this one is “airport friendly”, with no metal underwires. Plus the claim is “the most comfortable bra you have ever worn”.

I had a choice of colors. (Black or bare). I decided since I am going to Sin City, I better choose black.

I am going on a trip to Las Vegas for New Years. Honolulu airport now has the new Body Scan machine at security and the last thing I am in the mood for is a pat down search.

I have used coupon codes for wallpaper, beauty items and household helpers. It only takes an extra couple of minutes and you usually save between $5 to $10 depending on what you are ordering.

Another good money saver is Groupon. These are coupons you buy in whatever city you like. Usually they are for 50% off of something. This is a good one, as Nordstrom Rack has such a huge variety of things. And with the holidays upon us, it is not very hard to find $50 worth of gifts in one little shopping trip. (or a great pair of shoes).

This particular groupon is good for another couple of days as far as buying it, so if you are interested, it’s probably not too late. You don’t have to actually use it in the next couple of days.

Groupons are fun. You sign up and every day you get notified of the day’s deal. Sometimes its a hamburger and sometimes a massage, but at least once a week there is something you just can’t live without. And who can resist such a bargain?

$25 for $50 Worth of Shoes, Apparel, and More at Nordstrom Rack
worth: discount: savings:
$50 50% $25
Company Information:
Nordstrom Rack
Valid at any U.S. Nordstrom Rack location.