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Me and my various “piggy” banks

I have four “Piggy Banks”. Only one of them is actually a pig. I also have a pretty dish by my bed where I dump my loose change when I clean out the bottom of my purses.

First of all, when using cash, always pay with paper money put the change in your purse or pocket. Then when you get home transfer it to a dish or ashtray. Sort through and take out the quarters. These go into your main bank. I have three “main” banks in different rooms so I try to feed them equally.

All the other coins go in a vase or jar. When this jar gets pretty full I put the coins in a zippered pouch, take it to a Coinstar machine at my market, and pour the coins on the tray. It is amazing how  it adds up. Yes, the Coinstar machine takes it’s cut of 10%, but even so, it is “found” money.

The main banks with the quarters only get emptied when I am going on a trip. I take all the quarters to Coinstar at the same time. If I do this once a year, there is usually close to $100 just in quarters.

Yes, you could roll the quarters in paper coin rolls and take them to your bank and save the 10%, but I am too lazy to do this.

When I lived in Las Vegas, I could take my coins to any casino, dump them in a coin machine and out would come dollar bills. This is a “free” service. Here in Hawaii, one of the only two states that doesn’t have gambling, this is not possible. (The other state is Utah)

The other option for cashing in your quarters, is to take them to Las Vegas next time you are going. This could get pretty heavy, if you have four hundred quarters. Best to put them in a few zip lock plastic bags and distribute them in your luggage.

I remember once years ago, taking a sock full of quarters, thinking that this would be my gambling money. Ha ha. However much was in the sock lasted about twenty minutes.