The other day I posted a blog about a Terrific Turkey. It was $7.99 at Safeway. I went back today to get another one and it was only $3.99. The one I got before was twelve and a half pounds. This one was almost fourteen pounds. Gee, maybe next time, they’ll pay me to take the turkey off their hands.

At this price it comes out to about 28 cents a pound. I was going to buy some fresh thyme but Safeway was out of that. (Funny, one little package of fresh spice is also $3.99.)

Turkey is the easiest thing to make and the leftovers are great. I am having a birthday party for my sister on Friday and my daughters sent a Honeybaked Ham, which is the featured dish. I thought I’d put the turkey in the roaster and have that also, in case anyone doesn’t eat ham.

I am Jewish, but I love ham. My boyfriend is not Jewish but he doesn’t eat ham. I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love ham. It has my three favorite things: sugar, salt and fat.

I am not going to stuff this turkey. I plan to rub it with kosher salt and Kaiulani’s Kona Coffee seasoning, put a quartered apple and a quartered onion inside, tie the legs and rub all over with butter.

I hope you Readers all appreciate the photo that goes with this article. It was not easy to lift a fourteen pound frozen turkey up to my computer camera and keep smiling.