Me with my new cookbook

In a past blog I wrote about cookbooks. I said my all time favorite was 5000 Years in the Kitchen. As my book was falling apart after 45 years, I ordered the new version from Judaic Treasures <> It came today and I can’t wait to study it.

It is in the same tradition as 5000 Years, but I think even better. For one, it has a stiffer cover and the pictures are in color.

There is a whole section on Jewish cooking. One recipe sounds like something I will try right away: Chicken Soup with a Kick. It has the addition of parsnips and vermouth. My grandmother always put parsnips in her soup.

The rest of the book is divided into Holidays, Pasta, Salads, Desserts etc. Very easy to navigate. On page 270 is something very useful. It lists all the different kinds of apples and if they are good, great or poor for eating or cooking. Sure wish I had this list about fifty years ago.

The second photo  has to do with me making things for my granddaughter. She is nine and a big fan of American Girl dolls. They didn’t have these when I was a girl, so I am living vicariously through her. I made a doll sized menorah and hot glued some skinny birthday candles. The base is a chunk of crystal.

This doll can be customized to match the owner/mother. There are matching doll/girl clothes and the accessories are fabulous. There are many cute eyeglasses plus everything from crutches and bikes to wheelchairs. The clothes are amazing.

I got her doll an outfit for Chaunaka, a Hawaiian muu muu, lei, sunglasses and a hair piece, plus a pair of pink crocs. Cami is a real fashionista. Wonder where she got that from?

My granddaughter Cami