I have had several favorite TV shows over the past few yars, but most of them are over. If you want to see any of these shows, you can get them on Netflix. It is important to watch all these shows starting with Season one, Disc one.

My all time favorite was Sex in the City. I could watch those episodes again and again. It is not just a a chick flick. Really good if you can get your man to watch it too. He will learn a few things about women.

The Sopranos. What can I say?  A wonderful series. I missed it when it came out and so I watched it on DVD and luckily got to see the whole six years in about two months. (Like a  great book, I couldn’t put it down)

Deadwood. A fabulous epic of the old west. If you can get past the language, it is really a great story.  The writing is amazing and the characters have so much depth.

The Wire. A TV show about Baltimore, cops, drugs and gangs. Great photography, story and acting.

Six Feet Under. A terrific story about a family who run a funeral home. Went on for several seasons. I really got into all the characters. One of the main characters is gay, and if seeing a homosexual relationship developing offends you, then maybe this show is not for you.

Brothers and Sisters. Written by the same people who wrote Six Feet Under. Some of the same cast. Also a family drama with Sally Fields as the mother and Calista Flockhart as one of the daughters. (Sister). One of the brothers is gay and similar to the above series.

The Tudors. The life of Henry VIII from the time he was about thirty till he died. Very exciting, great drama and based on true events of history. I loved every minute of it. Jonathan Reys Meyers plays Henry and he is incredible. It will be easier to keep his six wives in order if you watch this show. Yes, Ann Bolyen was the most famous, but there were five others.

Dexter. I didn’t want to watch it at first as it is the story of a serial killer. But he is a good serial killer, and only kills bad guys. Very enjoyable and Michael C. Hall is great as Dexter.

For light hearted fun, Two and a Half Men is very funny. If you can separate Charlie Sheen in real life from the cad he plays on TV, you are in luck. John Crynor, the guy who plays his brother is fabulous and won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.

Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. Written by and about the man who created Seinfeld. Very funny.

Breaking Bad. A good drama about a high school teacher who gets into the meth making business. The lead won three years in a row for Best Actor and his cohort won this year for Best Supporting Actor.

I just started watching Boardwalk Empire. Haven’t formed an opinion yet, but the costumes of the period are terrific. A lot of the story is based on true characters in the 1920’s during Prohibition.

Well, dear Readers, these ought to keep you busy for a while. If you are looking for some good entertainment, take your pick, I guarantee you will be hooked, as I was.