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I like to use interesting stamps on letters and cards. In the slideshow there is a sheet called The Hawaiian Rain Forest which is actually ten various size postage stamps. The one of me and Pierot is a Photo stamp and the comic strip is just a sheet of 44 cent stamps. The Christmas stamps just came out and I will get a sheet of those next time I go to the post office.

All you have to do is ask the postal clerk to let you see the book of available stamps as there are lots of different ones. I wish I had saved one from each batch over the years. It would be fun to look back on the various styles and prices. I remember when it was three cents for regular mail and seven cents for airmail.

Have you discovered Photostamps?

You can order these online with any photo you like and they are real postage stamps. I always have some of these on hand for special greeting cards. They are expensive, about $1.00 each for a 44 cent stamp. These make a wonderful present for that person who has everything. So for that difficult person, here you go. (About $20 for a sheet of 20 (with shipping)

I know with email and ecards and evites, it seems like we don’t send many cards through the snail mail. But just think how nice it is to go to the mailbox and get a handwritten envelope with a pretty stamp, instead of  just junk mail that comes every day.

To make that greeting card special, you can either make one yourself, or doctor up a simple card. Write the persons name in glue and sprinkle glitter on it. (Or buy a glitter pen). Glue pens and glue sticks are very handy. You can stick on trinkets, feathers, coins, little mirrors, rhinestones, and such.

If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, just get a set of colored marking pens and use these for your salutation, signature and address. I have a Martha Stewart set but a silver or gold marking pen is just fine.

Next time you are at Walmart check out their sticker department. You will be amazed at all the various themes. How nice to put a group of golf stickers on that card for a golfer or something special that says you care.

If you want to start doing this, use a special box for all your supplies.  You can use a shoe box, but if you get one of those plastic see through shoe boxes, you can see what’s what, cards, glue, pens, stickers and stamps, plus return address labels and an address book. You will be much more inclined if everything is in one place.

And don’t wait till you need a card. Buy a box of assorted cards to have on hand. Costco has a great box of 30 handmade cards for $15.99. Do the math. If you go buy one card at a time, it is about $3 or $4 a card. At $3 each that would be $90. There, you just ‘saved’ $75.

So even if you don’t use all those baby cards, you are still way ahead. And it is so nice to have just the right card on hand when you need it. Plus every time you go to the store you use gas and time (and you have to find a parking place).

One thing I learned from being a Girl Scout: ‘Be Prepared’.